Our Mission
At Sensei & Co. our mission is to empower through strength.
Our vision is to represent the culture of strength. Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, strong man, body building, we believe that we all share a common thread. Through the struggle, we grow.
Our products are made to be worn inside and outside of the gym comfortably whether you are lifting weights or chillin' with your squad. We are proud that our designs come from being deeply rooted within the culture, standing right next to you in the gym wiping the sweat off our forehead and chalking up our hands, every rep and every set of the way.
Earned in sweat.
Forged by the grind.
Built by Snatch Sensei.


My Story

I started Snatch Sensei (@snatch_sensei) first as a personal brand for my weightlifting coaching and as a platform to add value through my passion for the sport. What you will find is not only knowledge share on technique tips, but mindset content, client progress/journey highlights, and in general exposure to how awesome I think weightlifting and strength training is via videos and photos.

One thing I always wanted to do was create some clothing design in line with my passion and my brand and so spawned my first design concept — the weightlifting/culture tee, which despite my weightlifting background can be applied to powerlifters and CrossFitters alike, we all share many common threads in our understanding of why we train and what it means to us. The barbell brings us together.

Sensei & Co. as a clothing brand is a natural evolution, extension, and growth of this journey for me. A space for me to create more products that essentially represents the culture and simply things I would want to wear myself everyday whether it be casually or at training. If you dig my stuff I find that really cool and thank you for your support. Feel free to rep the gear and tag us on social media, I would love to see it!

Coach — Snatch Sensei