The Story on Socks

"I honestly can’t believe how many people are talking about socks.

One of the girls said she put hers on and was like wow. These actually are the best socks I’ve ever worn.”

Jade Batten - CrossFit Affiliate Owner, CrossFit Midnight Life Long Jetty


We are not here to play small.

Our crew socks were already a cult hero in the local scene, known for their quality and comfort. Once you try them, you'll really know the difference; simply better than all the others.

We continue to refine them, never settling.

We have played with the industry standard crew sock length and made our own more aesthetic fit.

We are the first to do this.

Men's are 2cm shorter and women's are 4cm shorter than the standard crew cut sock height. They sit perfectly and don't ride down.

Better comfort, better performance, better aesthetic.

We have recently added breathable mesh panels in the forefoot of the sock which allows for cooling and airflow in an area of the foot that generates some of the most heat and sweat whilst training.

This is our passion! We love creating really good products like this that truly stand up to the test of time.

Thank you for supporting us. Always grateful, much love!